Reflections of Manville

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since i’ve made a post on here. I want to continue with the great video clip segments, since folks seem to be enjoying them. I’ve mentioned in the previous posts that we owe a tremendous thanks to Gary Carmon for not only uncovering these, but spending his time and money to rescue them from obscurity.  The following clips are from a program called “Reflections of Manville” It’s a show I’ve been hearing about for a few years now, but was unable to see it until today. This is an incredible & formerly lost history of Manville. Great, great stuff. As always I’d love to hear feedback/memories etc.





One thought on “Reflections of Manville

  1. The photo right after the title in Part 1 was of Onka’s Bakery in 1934 or so. Joseph Onka Sr., Theodora Onka, their youngest daughter Rose Marie who was about 4, and Bernie Machiewicz to the left of Joseph Onka, Sr. If you look at the very top on the right side of the photo is a picture of Shirley Temple.

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