Petey’s Films • Manville Businesses part 2

Hey all just wanted to continue with the Businesses portion of the Petey’s Films. This one focuses more on the storefront aspect of local stores and such. This one is a great street level view of the young towns thriving shops. Most of you will have heard of some of these places. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Petey’s Films • Manville Businesses part 2

  1. That’s pretty sweet… I didn’t know Kulina’s was on Washington at one time — when I was a kid, they had the store on Camplain by 12th Ave.

    The last store, with the 2 men and boy in white aprons, looked to me like the store on the corner of S. 11th & Washington — we knew it as Jake’s Market.

    If anyone knows where the other stores were and whether the buildings are still standing, it would be great to hear.

    • I stopped in at Kulina’s on Camplain Rd on many of my walks to/from Camplain Rd School. Most times with only pennies and nickles in my pocket.

      • Ahhh… Swedish fish? Penny-a-piece.
        Bazooka bubblegum? Penny-a-piece.
        Ten cents for a Hershey bar.
        (am I dating myself?)

    • Mr & Mrs Kulina worked for Jake Wirzman at Wirzman’s meat market. On south and Washington Ave. The building is still their.

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