Birdseye view off of the Manville water tower

Photo by Neal Ranauro • Click to Enlarge

I have a few random photos, that are not necessarily about anything. They are just random views around town or what have you. I’ve posted a bunch of them up here over the years, and since this blog is becoming a little too large to scroll through every post on the main page I wanted somewhere to put them all… so I created a category called “scenic town photos”. Hopefully one day I’ll get around to linking all the random ones I already posted to this new category.  So without further adue here are two photos from Neal Ranauro’s archive taken from atop the Manville water tower. They are both from the same angle, the one at the top focuses on Roosevelt School and Johns Manville, while the bottom photo is more of an areal style landscape photo . A lot of detail can be seen in both photos if you enlarge them (they will each enlarge twice). These are great.

Photo by Neal Ranauro • Click to Enlarge


4 thoughts on “Birdseye view off of the Manville water tower

  1. Hey Mike –

    Always happy to see “new” random town photos, especially of the aerial variety.

    The house my father grew up in is in the 2nd photo. It is at North St and N 7th ave, across the tracks from the (current) VFW. In the 2nd photo it is on the far right, midway up the picture – with the flat roof, dark top, white bottom, and open porches on both levels in the back. Can’t wait to show this one to him.

    His Pawlik relatives also lived there. They were very active in the Ss Peter & Paul Russian church on Washington Ave.

    Do you know the dates of these photos?

  2. What I especially like about these photo perspectives is that it makes you realize (again) where Manville came from. For all the good and the bad, JM made this town what it is.

    A piece of history that is probably lost to most newer residents today.

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