Manville Saw Mill Revisited

The Manville Saw Mill • Photo by Neal Ranauro • Click To Enlarge

A few of these photos will look familiar to some of you. That’s because 3 of them have appeared on here before. The mystery of the Manville Saw Mill has just still not been solved. I decided to look back into Neal Ranauro’s archive and post all of the photos of here. The photo quality is also a little better this time. So let’s talk about this one more time… and please, if you know anything I need help on this one.

Here’s what we know based on Ranauro’s notes. These photos were taken in 1920. The Mill was allegedly located “between The Manville Elks and Christ the King School”. Here are a few more photos, you can click on them to expand them. They will expand twice.

It would make sense to me that a saw mill would exist behind the Manville Elks since there are woods back there, but I don’t recall in any of my 80s childhood adventures through those woods seeing a cleared out space of young trees. The readership on this site has exponentially grown, so I ask you once again…

Do any of you recall or know about The Manville Saw Mill?


One thought on “Manville Saw Mill Revisited

  1. I don’t know if it is the same one, but in the movie clip “Manville part 1, they show an old white map. Mr William A. Poch was narrating and claimed the map showed a sawmill. I couldn’t read the map, but could it be the same one your looking for? Hope this helps.

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