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Hello everyone, I was just checking out my buddy Gary Carmon’s Manville site and noticed he put up some great new photos. While we were on the topic of old signs and storefronts I decided to lift a few. These all came from Neal Ranauro’s Manville photo archive, and I’m not sure how I missed these when I was looking through them, but they are great. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

First is this great photo of the Chester House. If you enlarge it and go to the right of the photo you can see the old Gamby’s Diner at the future site of Quick Check, and Charlie’s Resturant in the back there.

This next photo is a little further down Main St. Starting at Quigleys Bike Shop. The Quigley’s building in now the home of The Grub Hut, but back in the day it was like the great bike shop in town that was famous for the giant tangled bike heap that sat in the middle of the front room. As a kid I remember being slightly afraid to go in there in fear of a bike avalanche and a slow agonizing 8 year old death. I’m still looking for good photos of that place if anyone has any. Anyway you can see the great Liccardi Motors lot in the back there. I’m not sure what year that disappeared, but I totally do not remember it. Looks awesome though. I’m sure it was an asset to an evening drive down the strip in it’s day. You can also see the old corner Sunoco Station way in the back there. Oh and speaking of great advertising… how about the 24 hour milk dispensary. I wonder whatever became of those amazing old signs.

The next photo is more of a birds eye, and was taken out of one of the JM office windows, where Ranauro worked as photographer. This is the corner of Knopf and Main. You can see Lebbings Garage, Shop Rite, and the Esso station, which I believe may have been run By the Manna Family. This is just a great view of Main St. with plenty to look at.

Remember if you have any photos you would like to share please get in touch with me so we can help preserve our towns history. I can help you get them scanned and digitally archived as well.


5 thoughts on “Main Street • Vintage Views

  1. You are correct, the Esso station was run by the Manna’s. Between the Shop Rite and PM furniture is the old Post Office. I worked there in 1971. On the left between the Cities Service and Phillips 66 you will notice cars parked at an angle. These were new cars as it was a small Studebaker dealership. The curbside gas station where the Phillips 66 is used to be a Richfield station.

  2. Sweet photos. I had no idea Liccardi used to be in Manville. Love the self-serve milk machine – when I was a kid in the 60s, we got our milk delivered by a milkman from Raritan Valley Farms. I still remember the tin-clad milkbox that sat on the back stoop. RVF also ran that diner on US-206 North in Somerville, across from the Stop&Shop.

  3. Liccardi Motors closed its doors around 1967 or so. They moved to Park Ave. in Plainfield for a few years, after the riots they moved to Rt. 22 ……..My grand father sold cars there in the 40’s. He bought a brand new 41 DeSoto from them. My father worked there as a mechanic for a while as well.

  4. I see a ’53 ChevyDeLuxe flying out of the underpass,a ’54 Packard parked at the ChesterHouse and a ’53 Ford F2 pickup behind Gamby’s.I would date this picture at 1957 or so.


  5. My Dad bought a brand new right out of the showroom 56 Desoto from Liccardi’s on Park Ave. It was White & Pink…our family’s pride & joy for years. Clemmy Liccardi & my brother Maurice were good friends. Bought my first car in 1963 from Liccardi’s on Park Ave…it was a 56 Pontiac. Our whole family always bought our cars from them.

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