The Dobak Family / Florida Ave. mystery

I just got an email from a person in Slovakia doing genealogical research & asking if I would help get some information on the Dobak family. They sent over this photo of the family house on Florida Ave. in Manville. Block 22. It will enlarge if you click on it.

Here’s what I do know… a number of streets, particularly on the North side of town used to be named after states. So I know the following streets former names….

Rhode Island Ave became North 7th ave

Louisiana Ave became North 8th ave

Kentucky Ave became North 9th ave

Jersey Ave became North 10th ave

Here are few important questions…

#1 What is the current street name for what used to be Florida Ave.?

#2 Does anyone know or remember the above house?

#3 Does anyone know or remember the Dobak family?

14 thoughts on “The Dobak Family / Florida Ave. mystery

  1. I was born in Manville in 1947 and grow up there and never knew that the streets were first named after the states. Keep up the good work because all of us are getting an education about our home town.
    Joe Dudash

  2. The children on the picture were born between 1906 and 1912 (girl on the right). So it’s maybe a +- year of 1920. Unfortunately on the backside of the postcard is no date.

  3. Do you mean that small house on Roosevelt with the 3 porch posts? I think that is too small. If you go across Camplain Rd further up S 13th, the 3rd house up on the right is a dead ringer, assuming an addition upstairs protruding from the roof. Maybe Florida Ave was more than just the small stretch between Camplain and Roosevelt.

    • Gary I am not sure haven’t been back home in many yrs but it was right next door to Hughes’ house if you knew them. Leon is my brother in law. I was just making a suggestion…

  4. Hi Michelle. I went to school with Rich Hughes.
    When I first saw that house I thought it did look very similar as well. I did some comparisons via Google street view. When I found the house on the other side of Camplain and placed the view on the same angle – bingo!

  5. It’s only a guess, but I think it looks very similar. The basic structure of the house looks the same, and it’s in the area of the old Florida Ave. Manville has changed a lot over the years.

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