A Thank You Letter / Old Flood

Old Main St. Flood • Click to Enlarge

You know sometimes a photo is just a photo, and this photo is just a great old photo, albeit a blurry one of an old flood. This is Main Street looking south towards the old Weston Station, and the old, long since been replaced crooked tunnel.

I didn’t make this post to talk about floods. I did it to say thanks. I started this blog at the end of 2009 with absolutely no expectations that people would actually care. I did figure that it would generate minor interest from a few folks around the neighborhood, but taking a look at the stats I realized that it’s pretty incredible.

A blog about a tiny town, 2 square miles small, that generates views from every country in the world. Even Today we helped someone in Slovakia find info about their families home in Manville.

Just today viewers also checked in from Indonesia, Phillipines, Canada, Denmark, UK, & Slovakia. I even have a map of the hot viewer areas, and Alaska checks in as much as the mainland. This site has been viewed 128,397 times. Today we hit 1000 comments for only 133 posts. There are 74 subscribing members. All those stats do not even include the people that read through rss feeds and email notifications.

These are all mind boggling statistics, and here’s the best part. The participation from the readers, all the info in the comments, all the submissions, and all the siblings showing the site to their elders to help pass down the information are the very things that make this site great. So I just wanted to take a moment to share those statistics and thoughts… and to just say thanks for continuing to breathe life into this thing. It’s been an awesome ride so far… I’m looking forward to some more good years.


5 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter / Old Flood

  1. Without knowing the date or being able to identify one face, I would lay odds that a few of those blurry bodies belonged to some of my 16 first cousins….the bold, the daring, adventurous, even intrepid Nebozinsky and Persinko families and their friends. What stories.

  2. Thanks so much to you Mike. I grew up in Manville from 1955 until 1978. My parents retired and left in 1990 back to their hometown Claxton, GA. I loved growing up in Manville. The people there were a true Blessing and so glad they were all in my life. Keep up the great work. Jim Brown

  3. Seems we both got into this Manville tribute effort at about the same time. Mom died in 2008, and I began looking through some old family photos of hers. I decided to digitally preserve them and along the way give others a chance to add stories and their own photos. This evolved into preserving Manville photos as well. I’ve been away from Manville since 1988, but is the only place I can ever call home. With every “new” old photo of the town I see, the closer I feel to being back home.
    With that being said, this particular photo you added here is the first I’ve seen Manville from that angle. Thanks again!

  4. I think this is what the Internet should be.A learning experience from those that know to those that want to know.Pictures,stories,tales,memories….What else is life…..
    Don’t let your memorabilia rot in a shoe box until you croak.What a waste!

    Learn how to scan,share,relive what yours and my ancestors went thru to get a glimpse of real history.

    What a great exercise ,digital representation of stuff once lost forever in drawers,estates,bins.Do not be lazy! Time waits for no one !

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