Floyd Shimalla and the First Manville Police Car (1929)

floydFloyd Shimalla • Click to Enlarge

Over the weekend I got an amazing email from Tom Schneck. It included this rare photo of his uncle Floyd Shimalla driving around in the first Manville Police car. If you recognize the name Floyd Shimalla that’s because he was Manvilles first constable and is featured in the pretty famous “First Manville Administration” photo that is on display at the Manville Library. I also posted it on this site… you can see it HERE. According to Tom he was also a professional Heavyweight boxer, which I actually was not aware of, but if you ask me is pretty good experience if you are about to serve as the only constable for a brand new town. Anyway, this photo is dated 1929. I’m not sure what that building is in the background there… anyone know? Thanks so much Tom, for this great photo! Here is the back of the photo…



One thought on “Floyd Shimalla and the First Manville Police Car (1929)

  1. That is my grandparent’s home (Louis and Katherine Nebozinsky) behind the car. It was on the corner of Main and Kyle Streets. From what I can see of the house, I think the car is on Kyle.

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