OK Manville. Here is another Mystery for you…

manville baseball 1Click Photo to Enlarge

Seriously, I feel like the funnest part about this blog is getting random photos and trying to figure out what they are all about. I’m sure the people that submit them share in the gratification as well. This morning I got an email from a member of the Chabra family. If you live in Manville you surely are familiar with the Chabra name. He says these photos were taken sometime in the 1930s. Possibly in Manville. They are photos of a baseball game, which likely means (if this is indeed Manville) that they would’ve been taken at Evans Field. The thing is, none of the Evans field photos I’ve ever seen really look like this… but perhaps it’s a new angle. The other identifier in this photo may be the band, who seem to have the initials “BB” on them, which screams Bound Brook to me.

I guess most importantly these photos belonged to John Chabra with is a huge reason to believe these actually are photos of Manville. So the Important question is… anyone recognize these guys? This field? or those houses? If so, or even if you think you have a clue… please leave us a comment!

manville baseball 2

Thanks for submitting these photos… Manville or not, these are really classic and amazing looking! This last one… I’m so jealous of this guys moustache!

On a side note, I’ve decided to start a new category on this blog called “mystery photos” If you have any mystery photos send them over and maybe with the help of some of the blog readers we can sort them out. This can be like a fun project… I feel like we have identified so many already over the years.

manville baseball 3


5 thoughts on “OK Manville. Here is another Mystery for you…

  1. My father recognizes 3 of his Bound Brook HS teachers in the top group photo: back row 4th from right is Mr. Merrill (metal shop), 3rd from right is Mr. Connerton (history). Kneeling in the front, 2nd from the right is Mr. Furino (wood shop and baseball coach). He said Mr. Connerton was a great teacher, but despised his baseball coach Mr. Furino. Dad feels he didn’t get the playing time he deserved because he was one of those “Manville kids”. He had a legitimate shot at playing baseball well beyond high school, but screwed up his knees in the army.

  2. In the group picture: Mr. James Mayer, Science,. Math teacher in Bound Brook H.S is the first man on the left, in the back row. Mr. Weidner, History Teacher, Bound Brook H.S. is..in the back row, second from the right . When I graduated from BBHS in 1949, they were my teachers . Mr. L.M. Weidner, Jr. was the faculty advisor for the 1949 yearbook.

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