First Manville Parade. July 4th, 1923

CCI08072013_00001Click Photo to Enlarge

Hello everyone. It’s a great morning! After I slugged back a few extraordinarily large cups of coffee and made some advertisements at work I noticed a new Manville related email. It was a Gem. This is a photo of the first Manville parade from 4th of July in 1923. If you know anything about the history of Manville, you know that in 1923 Manville was more of an idea in a forgotten corner of Hillsborough than an actually town on paper. So this photo is rare and incredible. Furthermore, I’m still trying to sort out the exact location of this, but I have never seen this particular vantage point from this early. Like always if you can shed some light on this photo or know anyone in it please feel free to leave comments. On behalf of all of Manville’s residents, I would just like to thank Rich Hamernik for this incredible and valuable contribution.


5 thoughts on “First Manville Parade. July 4th, 1923

  1. The only area that big and close to Main Street which is where the parade would have been held is the old ball field which is was called Rustic Mall and now closed off due to contamination † Very few of the people in this picture would be still alive today and maybe one of them could shed some light on the location † Great picture of blast from the past!


  2. We think the man in the front row 3rd from the left is our grandfather, Michael Marchuk. What a wonderful picture.

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