I’ve made some improvements you should all know about…


I can’t even post a public service announcement around here without a bonus photo. Due to the recent surge in traffic on this site I decided to do some updates, which are pretty much all amazing. It’s a lot so bear with me here.

First of all… I bought this site from wordpress. You can still use the old web address, but to make things easier I simplified it. The web address for this site is now simply manvillehistory.com PRETTY EASY RIGHT? If you notice ads on the site, they are there to help pay for the domain. You can click them or ignore them either way they help keep the site running.

Also, I also added social media buttons that will now appear under every post. That means with just the click of a button you can now share posts to facebook, pinterest, twitter, reddit, google+, linkedin, and stumbleupon. For pinterest, you will be sharing only the photos, which I think is pretty amazing. But this should make it easier to share this stuff with friends and family. And by the way, the more people that share the links… we reach exponentially more potential folks to contribute long lost photos. So it’s important and fun!

I also added an email button. I noticed a lot of people share by email on my site, so you no longer have to copy links. just click the little envelope icon and type the email address in and press send. It’s like magic!

Finally I added a print button as well. I know a lot of people like to print the articles, and I haven’t tested this out just yet, but it should set you up with a print ready document.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the site. If you have any feedback on the new updates, please feel free to leave a comment.

thanks all. -Mike


2 thoughts on “I’ve made some improvements you should all know about…

  1. What I find so tragic about this town is that it had such potential to be a destination hamlet for all the towns around it that are filled with apartment complexes and newly built center hall colonials. The town never seemed to have the insight to recognize it’s own value. Rather, Main Street now boosts a WalMart and all the rest of the lower income social mainstays.

    There is no lack of pride for some who are steadfast in their love of the town. However, there are many many more who consider themselves fortunate to be visitors with a history there. Simply because a lot of the governing opinion is one of isolation, instead of inclusion. One of being at a disadvantage of finance, over having a rich history for the area.

    Remember, Hillsborough was nothing more than farm land, but Manville should have manopolized on it’s charm and become a “New Hope, PA” of sorts. Sad.

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