Knopf Street 1938 / Bike Shop

1st download 4148Knopf Street 1938 • Click Photo to Enlarge

Ok, well I said I was going to need some help identifying places. In this case though I know where I am at geographically. This is The corner of Knopf and North 6th ave looking down towards Main St. Obviously it had not been paved yet. If you look real hard you can see Johns Manville at the end there. Most of the houses in this photo still exist… including that store on the right there, which most Manvillians will affectionately remember as Al’s Market. Obviously at some point in the late 30’s Al’s was a bike shop. I know Quigley’s was eventually located right down the street on Main and Knopf so here is the question I’m posing to you. Does anyone remember this bike shop? and was it in fact an early incarnation of Quigley’s? If you want to see a modern version of this view you can click HERE.

You can see the situation with Manville streets was still pretty terrible in 1938, when these photos were allegedly taken, except for maybe on a nice dry week… and if you had a fast car…. Thanks again to Anne Sullivan for contributing these…

1st download 3929


2 thoughts on “Knopf Street 1938 / Bike Shop

  1. Holy Cow! What a muddy mess. My grandparents moved to Manville in the early 1920s. My mom told me at that time all kinds of farm creatures roamed an unpaved Main Street at that time.

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