1930’s Manville Flood

1st download 4081

Main Street looking south towards JFK • Click to Enlarge

While flooding seems to have become a much worse and more frequent problem in Manville, to some degree it did already exist. Since these come from Anne Sullivan’s photo collection which is loosely dated “1939-1940” This can basically been from one of two storms. And if I had to take a wild guess I’d say it was from the so called 1940 New England Hurricane. Which at least as of a few years ago was the wettest storm in New Jersey history, dropping a record 24 inches of rain on Ewan, NJ. Of course, there was also the Great New England Hurricane of 1938, which was terrible as well, but it doesn’t seem to fit the timeline of the photos. This is a pretty great shot though and you can see the Weston Train Station way up at the top of the photo. The following photos will expand if you click on them.

This next photo is basically the same exact location. I don’t know what this bus is, but I guess it was some sort of public transportation.

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This is another great photo… Basically the same view. Anyone know this guy?

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Here is a few looking the other way up Main Street. You can see the onion from the top of the old Church on the left…

1st download 4213

1st download 4215

A couple more young men… These guys look like trouble. Anybody know them?

1st download 4214

And one last photo. I can’t figure out the location on this one, but maybe Dukes Parkway?

1st download 4217


2 thoughts on “1930’s Manville Flood

  1. I’d say these are all taken from about the same place on the very south end of town .. just pivoted looking south then north on Main Street. ( maybe not the one you guessed Dukes ). I think in the ones looking north, my grandparent’s house (what you call Elm? Inn) is in amongst the trees on the left And my Father’s sister’s place is the small place across from the trees on the left.

  2. The last photo looks to be at the corner of N 6th and Dukes Pkwy looking down the access road into Dukes Park with the Raritan river on the left.

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