Manville Memorial Day Parades

0005Well it’s Friday, and that means we should run with a celebratory post. And lets face it, what is more fun than a Parade? I’ll tell you what… 2 Parades! This is going to be a long photo heavy post, so just know that every photo will expand if you click on them. Enjoy!

It’s been an amazing 2 months of photo submissions and I want to thank Rich Hamernik for sending in this first batch of great photos from an early 50’s Manville Memorial Day parade.

Rich grew up across the street from Memorial Park where this flag raising ceremony took place.






The parade marched from Memorial Park down Camplain Rd. and out to Main St. Unfortunately I cannot identify anyone in these so if you can add anything please do.



This next bunch is from Anne Sullivans Manville photo collection. I believe this is a Memorial Day parade as well, but these are a lot earlier. Around 1939-1940

I think you will all recognize that these are mostly on Main St, which is just barely paved at this point. You can see the old Movie theater off in the background. Thanks again Anne. These are amazing.

1st download 4513

1st download 4514

1st download 4515

1st download 4516

1st download 4517

1st download 4519

1st download 4521

1st download 4522

1st download 4523

1st download 4524Whew! That one was long! Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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