Camplain Rd. Paving / Sewers

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Well the collective Manville opinion (from folks of which I highly believe and respect) is that the following photos were taken on Camplain Rd. around the area which is currently South 11th or so, and that the man pictured above in the suit is Mike Kachorsky. The construction co. handling the job was called Renda. With a little help from the magic of google maps “street view” I seemed to have been able to confirm the location.

As some you have pointed out that house on the corner of Camplain Rd. & 13th is in fact still there. These photos were sent to me from the collection of Anne Sullivan. The location mystery was solved entirely by the readers. I an forever grateful for all of the contributors on this blog for teaching me… you guys basically made this post. The community aspect of this site is what keeps it going. Thank you.

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As you may recall if you are a follower of this blog I previously posted some photos of Washington Ave where the roads were all dirt. If you missed that you can see them here. These photos are from the same collection / time period (1939-1941). It would stand to reason that they would pave the roads and install the sewer system at the same time, so I think we can safely assume this was all being done at once, and within the aforementioned time frame.

Here are a bunch of photos of the workers. I can’t identify any of them, but surely some of them were local guys. Like always if you can identify them, please leave a comment so I can get it straight in the description. OK here goes… all of the photos will expand if you click on them!

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1st download 4097This following photo was really the dead ringer for the location. That house on the left currently still exists on the corner of 13th and Camplain Rd. Of course in this photo… 13th had not been constructed yet!

1st download 4075Whew! that was a super long post. That last photo looks like the other end looking up the hill. The creation of roads in Manville is probably a thing everyone takes for granted nowadays, but I bet it was no fun trying to get your auto unstuck from the Jersey mud. Thanks to Anne for this great documentation of Manville’s history. Thank you for looking!

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9 thoughts on “Camplain Rd. Paving / Sewers

  1. I believe those photos of the road opening were taken on W. Camplain Road in front of Petey’s old place near S 9th and S. 10th Avenues.

  2. The pictures were taken on West Camplain Road near where S 13th Avenue crosses Camplain. The last picture (the one with the flagman in the middle of the road) was taken on Camplain looking toward Hillsborough and Rt 206. The house on the left in that picture is on S 13th – – it is still there today and you can see it if you go to google maps and look at the street view from that same location.

  3. Yes – the flagman photo (2nd to last) shows the current house at 13th, and the big house across Camplain that used to be there. That is my first glimpse of that house. Thanks! The last photo shows Kulina’s (brick house on right), and a closeup (left) of the now-missing house. Looks like a storefront(?) Just learned something new – I never knew there was a store next to the house on 13th (Coca-Cola sign). It doesn’t show on, if you look at all of the yearly images. If you look closely at the sign, the top says Petey’s!

    • Correction – that store appears to be the house that is still there at S 14th. The little ranch house was added in between those 2 houses.

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