Classic Trucks • Steve’s Tire 1958

STS001Steve’s Tire 1958 • Click Photo to Enlarge


So I poached this photo off of a great message board from a site called Jalopy Journal. The gentleman that posted this photo is the owner of that 1933 Ford pickup. He recalls the photo being taken in 1958. For a while I used to hang around this garage in the early 90’s having known the owners at the time. The photos of the garages look pretty much exactly the way I remember them. Anyway Manville folks will be familiar with Steve’s tire, being formerly located on Main Street up near Kennedy Blvd. The building is still a garage and the service garages are still there. Now it looks like this.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.26.35 AMOn a side note, Jalopy Journal has a pretty great archive going of old photos from users. I notices some great quality ones especially involving classic cars. trucks and classic accidents. If you want you can check that out HERE.


5 thoughts on “Classic Trucks • Steve’s Tire 1958

  1. Steve was my uncle. I worked at that location sometimes when I was a kid. That shop was across
    from the american legion on the Royce brook side. I certainly remember those trucks. Rode in all of them many times. The old pickup is actually a 1932 Model B.

  2. I just seen your post. So my Grandfather Steve Sr was your Uncle? If you could explain more I would love that. My mother is Joyce Perun-Keimig. Steve was her Father & Pauline was her Mother. I have so many memories of this place. And it kills me that we no longer have it due to the floods and not getting any help with getting it back to run again.

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