Main Street / Camplain Road Schools

1st download 3957

Main Street School • Click Photo to Enlarge

So I have already posted a few photos of both of these school with and areal shot HERE. But these 2 are slightly earlier. The time period for this set is around 1940. Also, the above photo of the Main Street School is from a different perspective than the old post.

This next photo is Camplain Road school. It will also enlarge if you click it. I thought these photos were pretty great and definitely worthy of a look.

1st download 3958


4 thoughts on “Main Street / Camplain Road Schools

  1. I attended Main Street Elementary School from 1944 to 1945, third grade. My sister Pat attended with me. Is there anyone
    else on the net who attended at that time?

  2. I attended Camplain Rd. school for first thru fifth grade and Main St. school for sixth thru eighth grade. Also remember the air raid drills and hiding under the desks. Oh, the memories!

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