Manville fisherman…


Manville Fisherman • Click Photo to Enlarge

Ok everyone this is another collection of mystery photos. This is part of the Anne Sullivan photo archive (circa 1939-1941). I have a whole load of photos that are just of random people. I don’t really want to present them without context, but at the same time I would love to put some names to the faces. I think what I’ll do is try to group them into events and see if you guys can identify any of them. To start, here are a couple of great photos of some Manville fisherman… looks like the little guy cleaned up! Anyone know who they are?






One thought on “Manville fisherman…

  1. “S. Bell…” and “Manville” on the car door, some kind of official state permit on the car’s door.
    The line on the permit just above the seal looks like it might end with “CONTROL” and the last line looks like it may say “TRANSPORTATION PERMIT.”

    Is it possible these guys have a connection to Bellomo’s Liquor Store (Camplain & S. 6th Ave), and the car carries a permit to transport liquor?

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