John’s Manville and the 1939 World’s Fair anniversary.


 Asbestos suit statue from the John’s Manville 1939 Worlds Fair • Click to Enlarge

I have been sitting on a large group of photos from the Anne Sullivan collection that didn’t exactly fit with this blog and I have been looking for the right time to post them. Alas, today is the 75th anniversary of the grand opening of the 1939 World Fair. The photos are relevant for 2 reasons. One is that JM at the height of it’s Manville plant had a huge exhibit at the Worlds Fair, and two, the reccuring Manville characters in the photo set went there on a trip on the day of the opening. These are their photos… All of these photos wll enlarge if you click them. This is going to be pretty long… but these photos are pretty great.


This was the Johns Manville building. You can see the statue up there on the front of the building. Let’s stop for a quick pose… Image

Cute. Ok, so the sort of central part of the fair was the Trylon and Perishpere which featured the famous world of tomorrow exhibit. Here is a couple pretty great photos of it…




And how bout one more adorable pose… Anybody know these two?


The National Cash Register was a pretty big hit too… Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, “the world”s largest cash register” revolved to display each day”s Fair attendance in 2½-foot numbers. Inside the building, NCR”s displays included an exhibit of all 7,857 parts of a modern cash register.” –

I believe this next one is part of the Telsa exhibit. If you don’t know about Nikola Tesla you should look into it. He was incredible and invented wireless electricity so long ago. They even did a drunk history episode about him HERE it’s pretty short / great.


And then there was the waterfall, which I understand you could walk through at the Electrical Utilities Pavillion.


You know through it. Like this…


Oh then there was the parachute jump!…


I believe this next one is from the Billy Rose Aquacade… and is pretty amazing too.


This next photo is part of the Jungle Exhibit…

1st download 4631

These other ones I can’t really identify, but they are pretty great so I’m posting em up anyway. This was a great set and I thank Anne again for her contributions. If anyone can identify these exhibits or people please do and I will up date the post. Thanks again everyone… and happy anniversary to the 1939 World’s Fair!

1st download 4133

1st download 4134

1st download 4138

1st download 3857

1st download 3853


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