Vintage Main Street

$_57Main Street, Manville • Click photo to enlarge

Hello everyone. I am still alive, and just turned up this tremendous early postcard of Main Street in Manville. I find these things a lot, but this is one of the oldest and craziest ones I’ve ever seen. If you have been around Manville for awhile you surely recognize the Old Sacred Heart Church there on the right, which was demolished back in 2002 due to “unsafe conditions”. Purely judging by the vehicles way off in the distance I’d say this is definitely a pre-depression era photo. It’s crazy even despite all the time I spend looking at old Manville photos this view is almost unrecognizable.

You’re basically looking at what is now the Main St. / Camplain Rd. intersection. This is before the Blumberg building. In fact, this is the first look I think I’m having of any of those buildings on the left side of the photo. This is a really great shot. Anyone know a timeframe on this? I know that church wasn’t built until 1921, so I’m thinking this is early to mid 20’s.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Main Street

    • It’s possible that one furthest back is it before the addition was put on it. But from what I can tell it certainly looks a lot different if it is indeed it. I’d love to get some construction dates on some of those early Main Street buildings.

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