Manville Roller Rink // Crystal Roller Palace // Rhythms // Hullabaloo

photo 2Manville Roller Rink • Click photo to enarge

So this is a great old Manville building that still exists at the outskirts of town. It’s now known as Rhythms of the Night and had previously had a stint as a dance club called The Yellow Rose. In the late 60’s it also spend some time as “The Hullabaloo” Here is a current era photo of Rhythms.


The Hullabaloo was also a dance club. Since we don’t have a photo of the place here is an incredible video of garage band “Witches Bru” playing there back in the day.

The truth is that I personally haven’t been inside this building since it was the local roller rink called the Crystal Roller Palace. In my era, The Crystal Roller Palace was a magical place straight out of an early 80’s cult teen coming of age action movie ala “Over the Edge”, where I was fortunate enough to be able cross the makeshift stone bridge across the local creek behind the place and rock the Joust arcade machine whilst listening to the latest Ozzy Osbourne track. Unfortunately I could not find a photo of the outside of the place, but there is a Facebook group dedicated to it. For illustrative purposes I stole this photo from it. I’m sure they won’t mind.


As this photo so perfectly illustrates, it was one of those great cultural watershed places in American small town living… and a great place to show off the latest long sleeve rock and roll T shirts. I suppose it had been for years prior. There was also of course, rollerskating, which somehow seemed to come second to the arcade for me… but I could do it. Well.

Before it was the Crystal Roller Palace, and before the Hullabualoo, it was still a roller skating rink, which I believe was just called “The Manville Roller Rink” and frankly I don’t know when it was constructed or when it opened. I do know from some old newspapers that it did exist at least as far back as 1941. Here is another really early photo of the place.

photo 1You can see it pretty much stayed the same except for an addition that was put on at some point. It’s a tragedy that those cool windows didn’t survive its metamorphosis over the years. Thanks to Carol Ascolese for these great old black and whites. These are definitely new to the site.


15 thoughts on “Manville Roller Rink // Crystal Roller Palace // Rhythms // Hullabaloo

  1. In the 60’s or early 70’s it was also called the Hullabaloo. It was a dance club.

    Best Regards,
    Ray Rakowitz

  2. There were apartments up stairs. The Chief and his family lived there. My mother, Elenor Jasinski Telatnik worked there. It was called The Manvulle Rollo Rink,used to have pencils with the name on them.

    • Judy and I are cousins, The Chief was our grandmother’s brother. Our grandparents lived upstairs. My older sibblings are very familiar with the building and perhaps its history. I recall helping my family empty the building out in the early 1970’s.

  3. I was in HS from 1951-1955(Dunellen HS). From grammar school (Sacred Heart) thru HS friends walked to & fro under the Weston bridge to Chief Jasinksis Roller Rink every Thursday night to skate. My sister was married Oct 9, l948 and her reception was held at the roller rink.

  4. I know my dad Joe Kalinak and his Uncle Steve “Spitzy” Kaszarda roller skated there in the late 1930’s! They came from New Brunswick! They even had a Roller Hockey team that played there!

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