Police cars under the old Weston underpass

cop cars weston underpassDate unknown • Click photo to enlarge

I was just cataloging some photos in my external hard drive and found this excellent photo of 2 Manville police cars passing / sharing a moment under the old Weston Underpass. This would be before the road and bridge were rerouted, so this is the underpass that is currently filled in with dirt. (you can see my old post about it HERE) I’m not even sure who to credit for this photo, because I frankly forgot who sent it to me. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one earlier given how cool it is. You can see the Esso station way back in the distance… love these old police cruisers too! So cool.


9 thoughts on “Police cars under the old Weston underpass

  1. These cars remind me of the time period. when I learned to drive ..maybe earlier .. late 40s or early 50s since both cars are black. My mom told me if you wanted to buy a car you didn’t get to pick it .. you were put on a waiting list and when came in you got it ….. they were all black ….. something to do with the war. We got a black 4 door Plymouth … luck of the draw. When things eased up we got our green 55 stick-shift Buick/tank. I learned to drive on that 55 Buick … it had some of those early tail fins. It drove like a tank. I was petrified when I had to stop on the top of the hill … hold 2 out of 3 pedals to the floor and hope you didn’t stall of roll backwards when you started to go again. You still had to roll down the window and stick your arm out to signal your intentions to brake or turn.

    I guess I should say something like I had to walk 10 miles to school … no matter the weather … barefoot …. and backwards. Nahhh ….. wasn’t that bad but I did have to walk 2 or 3 miles one way to middle and HS. Sometimes no matter the weather. But there was usually a soft hearted mom who took a bunch of us to school if it was really nasty. And we survived and grew strong and healthy.

      • The one on the right is definitely a Plymouth, you can see the word “Plymouth” in script on the left edge of the trunk lid.

  2. I remember walking through this underpass going from home in Little Weston to Weston School, before we were old enough to cross the tracks. I was told about Kennedy’s death by the guard at this underpass.

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