I’m fixing stuff again


So when I started this blog back in 2009 I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to make things the right size, how to crop, or how to allow enlargements on the photos. Also, the category field has grown so much things are not appropriately tagged anymore. Since there was a tiny following as compared to now, and considering how expansive this site has gotten I thought all the newcomers may enjoy a little curation of old posts. So I decided to start going back and fixing the old ones, updating the photos and category tags as well to make them easier to find and reposting links. I started with one of my favorite ones… the construction and opening of the Main Street underpass. This was a crucial and landscape altering construction project that happened starting around 1949, and fortunately Johns Manville photographer Neal Ranauro captured some amazing photos of it all. Please visit (or revisit) the old post by clicking HERE. The photos are now cropped and available to view at about 5 times the size as they previously were. I hope you all enjoy, as there will be more similar updates on the way!


One thought on “I’m fixing stuff again

  1. I couldn’t believe it when my brother sent me this picture and realized my mom,dad and brother were in it. They are in the middle of this picture. My dad is wearing a plaid jacket holding the little boy who is my brother Jim Shalata and my mom is the lady with babushka to the left of the man by my dad. She was pregnant with me! They probably never saw this picture either. My brother found it about two weeks after my mom died which was
    March 11, 2015. I wish she could have seen this.
    Linda Shalata Newport

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