Manville News, January 2nd, 1942


Hey everyone. It’s been a long time since we got in a digitally archived issue of the old Manville News. I feel like after wrapping up the entire 1941 year I even needed a break from those things, but the show must go on. This here is issue is January 2, 1942.

If you are new to this blog… a few years ago I acquired a 3 year pile (1941-1943) of the Manville News, which has no relation to the current Manville News. I have since been digitizing them as they contain a lot of valuable information including lots genealogical info. To my knowledge these issues are not and have never been previously available anywhere else. The issues are downloadable and fully searchable.

You can view and download this issue by clicking the following link. Manville News 01-02-1942

If you need to look at earlier issues you can just click Newspaper archive button on the right side of the page.


3 thoughts on “Manville News, January 2nd, 1942

  1. Thanks for posting the Manville News. This issue refers to war- times, historical significance including page 3 Ad for Manville motorists to save their tires for the war effort. Nice to know that Manville had recreational activities, a skating rink, a movie theater. Absolutely love reading the titles of the movies that played, and for the price of admission, there was a cartoon comedy, and a novelty reel. My mother, a current Manville resident spoke about these features with the movie theater where she grew up in Pa.
    Have you come across any movie theater photos of the 40’s?

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