Main Street view off of the Weston-Manville station


From the collection of Neal Ranauro • Click photo to enlarge

Hello folks. So I’ve collected this photo looking down Main Street off of the former Weston-Manville train station, which used to sit next to the overpass going out of the south end of town at Kennedy Blvd. I actually don’t think this is a very good photo at all, but it’s a rare view and I wanted to feature it here for that reason. This photo is from Neal Ranauro’s archive and is dated “circa 1912” as someone pointed out in the comments section it’s questionable on whether Ranauro’s dating is correct given the paved streets and the modern looking vehicle passing through the tunnel there.

Regardless this is an early, early look at Main Street and the Manville-Weston train station. If you are unfamiliar with the Manville-Weston Station you can read one of the many posts I’ve written about it HERE. But just so you can get your bearings here is the reverse view, looking from Main Street up at the station, which is that building right in the middle at the top of the hill. I feel like this one gives you a good look at where the photographer may have been standing when he took the first one. I believe the two photos are from the same day.

This second photo has been featured on this blog before… but these are priceless early Manville photos!


From the collection of Neal Ranauro • Click photo to enlarge

4 thoughts on “Main Street view off of the Weston-Manville station

  1. If that was from 1912, the road looks very nice and paved – great view and great pics – keep them coming…

  2. I wonder if the dating on these photos might be off…

    Main Street looks to be paved (especially in the photo looking South toward the train station), but the timeline in the sewer dedication booklet (May 2014 posting) says Main Street was first paved in 1925. Also, there appears to be a bus heading into the underpass – although largely blocked by the fence, it appears too large and modern (rounded) to be from 1912.

    • Those are very good points. I think that these photos were in his collection, but not taken by him. So he may have been unclear on the dates as well. I will update the post.

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