Main Street Crossing / Chester House

bridge-construction-33Photo: Neal Ranauro circa 1948 • Click photos to enlarge

I spent the day today scanning some old negatives and came across this photo of the Main Street crossing right before they started work on the underpass in 1948. This photo is way more interesting if you click on it and enlarge. From this view you’d be standing on the tracks behind Johns Manville, or what is now the Manville Police station, looking towards the underpass. You can see the little booths and the old railroad gates that are now gone. We’ve seen other variations of this photo before, but the thing that really struck me about this photo was the building on the right which is the Chester House… before they put the brick addition on the front. Have a look… this photo will actually expand twice if you click on it.

chesterTommy from Chester House was recently telling me that he found a lot of old photos that he wanted to share on this site, and I imagine he will have much better looks at this, but this is a pretty rare and cool look at the original front porch and the way the building was originally designed.

I guess you would call this architectural style American Mansard which became popular in the Northeastern US in the mid 1800’s. This building also bears a striking architectural resemblance to the Elmcrest Inn. Which was an old, beautiful building on the current site of the Manville CVS, that was tragically and hurriedly torn down whilst Manville residents were trying to get it listed on the national historic register.

I wonder if they were designed by the same person, and I wonder if the Chester House ever had one of those cool little cupolas at the top!


1 thought on “Main Street Crossing / Chester House

  1. Your photo had me wondering if this was my grandparents’ house. (you call it the Elmcrest Inn) I didn’t know there was a similar building. Was it as large? It still hurts that they did such a quikie when taking it down.



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