Camplain Road 1937


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This is a reprinted photo from the November 7th, 1985 issue of the Somerset Messenger Gazette. Here is the original cation…

“There was but one home and one business on Camplain Road, near South 20th Avenue in Manville, when this picture was taken in 1937. Abestos Inn in later years became Pal’s Inn. The house at the right has also withstood the test of time. Ernest Rosebrock of Bridgewater submitted this picture to the Gazette.”

This photo is just so awesome, and just goes to show that there some amazing photos of Manville that we just havent seen yet. If I find them, I’ll be sure to share.



Polish home bar

Polish Home bar, circa late 1940’s • Click photo to enlarge

So I got some great photos emailed to me a couple weeks back by Tom Kopczyk, and I’m just getting around to posting them now. These are a great peek into everyday life for Manville folks in the 40’s. And Im going to post them one at a time over the next few days… since I feel they are best digested slowly and individually. This particular one is of the bar in the old Polish Home, where Tom’s father Mike Kopczyk tended bar… also in the rear against the wall in the dark fedora hat is his uncle, Steve Perun Sr.

Manville News, June 27th, 1941

So this is the 10th digitally archived “old” Manvile News… and finally 2 consecutive issues. The date is June 27th, 1941. The article “22 liquor licenses issued” is not a joke. In what is either the worst or best thing to ever happen to the town (don’t kid yourself it’s the best thing) … Manville townsfolk and their thirst for booze had spoken. Included in the many people on the recieveing end of the right to be a booze slinger are notable folk… Peter Semenuik (Petey’s Tavern) and Chester Trojanowski (Chester House Inn/Bar). It also lists a business named The Weston Hotel… anyone familiar with this place? I have never heard of it. Anyway… here is the link. Manville News 6-27-1941 OCR

The Elmcrest Inn

This photo was donated by Tim k., who has been crucial with the photo submitions… Ive been searching for some info on this building for some time now. you can see it way in the back there as the parade goes by. The Elmcrest Inn or as I remember it “Coconuts” and then later “The Red Zone” (The Manville hip-hop club) This gem of a building was on the corner of Main Street and Kyle Street at the current site of the CVS, right around the corner from where I grew up on Angle Ave. As a little kid I remember it seemed to be abandoned for a while before they finally reopened it as Coconuts. Some people recall it as a scarry looking building, but I disagree. It’s the type of building that you’d imagine huge crystal chandelier’s hanging in the main ballroom… and it actually reminds me a lot of the original chester house building before they put on the addition. I wonder if the same architect designed them both. The Kopsko guys have helped me out a lot with great photos for this blog, and even though this one is quite small… it’s the only existing photo that I’ve seen of the Elmcrest Inn. I’m sure there are more floating around… so if you have them, or any info get them to me… I want to discuss this place!