This is one of the most incredible looking photos that I have pulled out of Neal Ranauro’s photo archive. “The First Manville Band” The back of the photo is dated “1922”, which gives you an idea on how early the vision of Manville existed before it’s emancipation from Hillsborough in 1929. We know that it took many years of battling for Manville’s Independence to be recognized, and this photo alludes to the idea that it was operating as a defacto town for many years before. I wouldn’t want to say too much here, as this photos speaks loudly for itself. According to Ranauro’s notes the following folks are pictured (a few of the names are missing )… John Shutack, Charles Kozar, George Malinowski, Ed Zujkowski, Frank Lewandoski, Enoch Malinowski, George Sopko, Al Fiala, Walter Zawalla, Pat Mayernick, C. Marshall, Jack Marshall, Joe Krasnansky, Jack Malinowski, John Fiala, Joe Lewandoski