A lot of folks have been contacting about how to contribute photos. If you have any old photos, flyers for events, memorabillia, or anything interesting and pertinent to the interest of Manville… please send it to my email at and I promise it will get posted. The thing is when I upload all the photos I have to do it through the back end of the blog site, which means you have to log in and do all that good stuff. But honestly, collecting stuff from all around town is sort of the point of this blog… because I know there is great stuff packed away in attics, basements, and other random far corners of town that are Manville treaures. Since I cannot possibly go door to door to every house in town this blog is the best alternative to find it. So the best thing you can do is scan or digitally photograph whatever it is you have (while trying to capture the best quality possible) and email it to me. If you do not have access to this technology I will gladly come out to your place and photograph things myself if you’d have me. Also, I’d be happy to hear some stories over a few cups of coffee (or a beer). I’d like to get into the business of doing some recorded interviews with some of the older folk and posting them up here too… I’s love to have some audio that people can hear. Let’s just say that’s a future plan. Anyway, I realize it might be a stretch for some folks to invite a random stranger over to their home to take photos, but I assure you… my family goes back in Manville further than Manville goes back. While that might not be reassuring… remember what it means for all the younger generations to finally be able to visually capture their past… probably for the first time ever. Thanks again everyone for taking an active interest in this… you guys make this whole project just awesome.

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