OK. I guess an introduction is in order. For longer than i care to remember I have been fascintaed with the history of my hometown… Manville, NJ. Over the years I’ve collected info from various places… found wells of photographs, read books, scribbled random tidbits of info into sketchbooks and journals, and spoken to townsfolk. It’s been my intention for a long time to produce some sort of actual pysical history of the town since it seems to be completely void of a recorded wealth of it’s heritage, or any sort of historical society or foundation. There are just tidbits scattered randomly about town. For the moment, I think I’ll use this blog as a means to put together some info i already have as i research more, and hopefully reel in some readers to make their own contributions. You see the blog is meant to be interactive, a casual vehicle… to hopefully pull together some sort of unified account of our history as a town. In other words it will operate as sort of a collective… if you have any info whatsoever, please get in touch. I feel like having a way to embrace your heritage is really important to any community… let’s work together, and build something amazing!


Just for good measure here is an old photo of Main Street. It’s facing out of town… straight ahead you can see the Weston Train Station, right around the bend there you would go through the tunnel under the raliroad tracks and out towards the Kupper Airport. The photo was taken by Neal Ranauro, who was a professional photographer that took photos for Johns Manville’s “Spotlight Magazine”. He spent the greater part of his life photographing the town.