Hey folks. I just got finished scanning these Manville Movie Theater photos from the Manville Library Archive, which I thought you all might enjoy. All of these photos were taken by Neal Ranauro around 1954 and a couple of them have appeared on this blog before. These versions, however, are higher quality scans from the original negatives. They are huge and let’s be honest they are too awesome not to look at again. The Manville theater was in the same building that the massage parlor is on Main Street between Rosalie St. and Beekman St. You can recognize it from the weird rectangular shape on the front of the building, which is still currently there. All of the photos will enlarge twice if you click on them twice.

Please feel free to share these via social media, but please use the share buttons on the bottom of the posts so the the photos will link back to this site. It’s super important to establish this site as a trusted source of old Manville photos so people will submit more, and in turn I can share them all with you guys! In the meantime thanks for looking and stay tuned as I will be posting many many many more originally sourced photos in the near future!

Thanks again for the town of Manville and the folks over at the library for allowing me to digitally archive these, and literally thousands of other photos which I will be getting up here just as soon as I can get them all cropped and scanned.




All photos by Neal Ranauro. They will expand two times when clicked!

Alright i guess this entry is going to be more of the photo essay type since i know little of the original Main Street Manville movie theater. Once again we owe a million thanks to Manville photographer Neal Ranauro. Im going to go right ahead and assume this photo was taken in 1948, as both “the Mating of Millie” and “Summer Holiday” (the movies on the window and marquee) were both released that year. If you’re familiar with Main St. in Manville you can easily get a grasp of where this theater was… A. because the building is still standing, and still has that crazy brick shape produding out up top where the Marquee is anchored down… and B. because the building next to it is still there too. It’s basically the same, save the white wall covering at the bottom, which actually seemed like Manville had on a lot of it’s buildings in the 50’s… i feel like it gave it kind of a unified classic look.


and then the inside… note the inside trim kind of matches that protruding brick in the front… what an incredible looking building.