Police cars under the old Weston underpass

cop cars weston underpassDate unknown • Click photo to enlarge

I was just cataloging some photos in my external hard drive and found this excellent photo of 2 Manville police cars passing / sharing a moment under the old Weston Underpass. This would be before the road and bridge were rerouted, so this is the underpass that is currently filled in with dirt. (you can see my old post about it HERE) I’m not even sure who to credit for this photo, because I frankly forgot who sent it to me. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one earlier given how cool it is. You can see the Esso station way back in the distance… love these old police cruisers too! So cool.

Floyd Shimalla and the First Manville Police Car (1929)

floydFloyd Shimalla • Click to Enlarge

Over the weekend I got an amazing email from Tom Schneck. It included this rare photo of his uncle Floyd Shimalla driving around in the first Manville Police car. If you recognize the name Floyd Shimalla that’s because he was Manvilles first constable and is featured in the pretty famous “First Manville Administration” photo that is on display at the Manville Library. I also posted it on this site… you can see it HERE. According to Tom he was also a professional Heavyweight boxer, which I actually was not aware of, but if you ask me is pretty good experience if you are about to serve as the only constable for a brand new town. Anyway, this photo is dated 1929. I’m not sure what that building is in the background there… anyone know? Thanks so much Tom, for this great photo! Here is the back of the photo…


Manville News, October 31, 1941

Alright, let us take a break from the movies for a minute to squeeze in an archived issue of the old Manville News. This issue is October 31st, 1941. The cover stories include the opening of the Manville Municipal Building, which is pretty cool. The is a lot of political info in this issue, and again these are now scanned with text recognition software, so they are searchable. Here is a download LINK.

Manville Police Photo 1976


Hey everyone… looks like Drew Persinko found one more MPD group photo from 1976. This is pretty good and a little bit of a better look at the faces of this year’s Police force, so I figured I put this one up as well. Thanks again Drew!

The Manville Three


Before I start this post, let me just say that the Police photos have gotten a LOT of attention over the past 2 days. Yesterday had the third highest web hit count since I started this thing… so thanks to Drew Persinko for submitting them and if you have thought about submitting photos and for some reason didn’t, let that be some inspiration for you to finally do it. With that said, this is the last of the photos that Drew sent me. If you are from the town of Manville the name John Jasinski should mean something to you. He was Manville’s first Police Chief & Manvilles first Recorder/Magistrate. Along with Joseph Dudash, and Andrew Shutack they made up Manville’s first police “force” and the did it alone up until the addition of John Kropewnicki in 1940 (who I unfortunately do not have a photo of). This article is great not just because it honors the first 3 officers of Manville law, but because the photos are so classic looking. These guys are a priceless part of Manville’s history. For more Police Officer records you can check the Manville Police Dept. website’s history section where they have what seems to be the complete list.

Andrew Persinko M.P.D. 1949-1980

Newly promoted Sgt. Andrew Persinko & Lt. John Kropewnicki. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Andrew Persinko started as a ptrolman on the Manville Police Force in 1949, was promoted to Sgt. in 1963, and had become a Lt. sometime in the 70’s. He spent 31 years of his life as a Manville Police officer until he retired in 1980. His son Drew sent us all these great photos. Much respect to Andrew and his family.

Lt. Andrew Persinko 1978. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Manville Police Force 1954.

Front Row, Left to Right: Theodore Lapay, Andrew Shutak, John Jasinski (Chief), Joseph Dudash, John Kropewnicki
Back Row, Left to Right: Andrew Persinko, Ted Gluch, Richard Delesky, Michael Wass, Rudolph, Korosec, John Kelyman

Wow, I am are dropping all kinds of MPD stuff on here today. Here is another submission from the Persinko family. The 1954 Manville Police Force. This names were sent to me with Drew Persinko along with the photos, so I am assuming they are correct. Of course I am always open to corrections. I actually recognize this photo from the collection of Neal Ranauro, so I’m 99% sure the photo was taken by him. This is awesome.

Manville Police Force photo 1977


This is a 1977 Manville Police Dept. team photo. I mostly have had my skateboard taken away by  almost all of these guys, or went to high school with their sons. Nowadays, all the guys I graduated high school with are the Police. Anyway this is another great submission by Drew Persinko. And for the record… I am highly interested in more police photos to put up here. If any of you guys have any, please get them to me so we can share them with everyone.

Early 1950’s Police Photos



Here are some more great photos from the collection of the Persinko family. This is an MPD squad car in the early 1950’s. Notice the tank in the background? According to Chris Gluch This photo was taken in front of the old Police Headquarters across from the Manville Diner (thanks Chris!). Love the old Aamaco station in the back with the old school gas pumps. This is so classic. We also have an early 50’s photo of Andrew Persinko in the old Police Headquarters. I couldn’t ask for better quality photos. Thanks so much Drew. these are great.

police-hq-early-1950sCLICK TO ENLARGE

Manville Police Dept. Inspection 1976

Front row, left to right: Lt. Andrew Persinko, Sgt. Robert Delesky, Sgt. Walter Klimovich, Sgt. Steve Max, Sgt. George Kelman, Sgt. Ted Gluch,  Patrolmen Wayne Steigerwalt, Robert Marsicano, John Petrovic, John Lapotosky

Back row, left to right: Patrolmen Richard Delesky, Michael Kassick, Michael Moschak, Dennis Sidorski, John Herasymchuck, John Buffi

So I just got sent some great old Manville Police stuff from Drew Persinko, who’s father Andrew was on the force in town from 1949 – 1980. This is my favorite from the bunch. The photo is from 1976, at the old police station that was located on Main Street at the current site of Dunkin Donuts. I’m not sure what sort of ceremony this is… and unfortunately I do not have a list of names. More MPD stuff coming. Stay tuned!