Lost Manville Photos 1938-1939 Discovered!

img346Main Street • Click to Enlarge

Hey Y’all! I’m still here. Life is chasing after my free time with a fury lately, and I apologize for the lack of attention to this blog. Sometimes the best motivator is a swift kick in the ass, and I got one in an email recently from a woman who unearthed a pretty large cache of vintage photos circa 1938/39. I haven’t seen these yet, but allegedly there is a pretty serious portion of vintage Manville. The 2 photos pictured in this post are from said collection. The above example is a man standing across from Duryea Motors, which was formerly located on main street just a couple doors down from quick check. It escapes me what the new businesses are, but the building is still there and has since been stuccoed. The building you see on the left there was most recently Davie’s Tavern. The important question is…. WHERE is the video that guy is taking?


Roosevelt School c. 1938 • Click to enlarge

This one is the N. 4th ave view of Roosevelt School. I actually didn’t know this, but apparently there was an addition put on the right side of the building at some point, and as you can see in this photo, it isn’t there yet. I’m excited about this one, as I do not have this view of the building up here yet. Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Like I said this is from a collection that hopefully will come to light on this blog. If the rest of the collection is of significant quality, we may also, be trying to make some of these images available in print or book form in the future. Stay tuned… I will be bringing you more of these!

Main Street • Vintage Views

Hello everyone, I was just checking out my buddy Gary Carmon’s Manville site carmonsandusky.com and noticed he put up some great new photos. While we were on the topic of old signs and storefronts I decided to lift a few. These all came from Neal Ranauro’s Manville photo archive, and I’m not sure how I missed these when I was looking through them, but they are great. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

First is this great photo of the Chester House. If you enlarge it and go to the right of the photo you can see the old Gamby’s Diner at the future site of Quick Check, and Charlie’s Resturant in the back there.

This next photo is a little further down Main St. Starting at Quigleys Bike Shop. The Quigley’s building in now the home of The Grub Hut, but back in the day it was like the great bike shop in town that was famous for the giant tangled bike heap that sat in the middle of the front room. As a kid I remember being slightly afraid to go in there in fear of a bike avalanche and a slow agonizing 8 year old death. I’m still looking for good photos of that place if anyone has any. Anyway you can see the great Liccardi Motors lot in the back there. I’m not sure what year that disappeared, but I totally do not remember it. Looks awesome though. I’m sure it was an asset to an evening drive down the strip in it’s day. You can also see the old corner Sunoco Station way in the back there. Oh and speaking of great advertising… how about the 24 hour milk dispensary. I wonder whatever became of those amazing old signs.

The next photo is more of a birds eye, and was taken out of one of the JM office windows, where Ranauro worked as photographer. This is the corner of Knopf and Main. You can see Lebbings Garage, Shop Rite, and the Esso station, which I believe may have been run By the Manna Family. This is just a great view of Main St. with plenty to look at.

Remember if you have any photos you would like to share please get in touch with me so we can help preserve our towns history. I can help you get them scanned and digitally archived as well.

Vintage Manville Films • Garages

Alright everyone, here is another great film from the collection of Gary Carmon, who has been digitizing and editing an old VHS handed down from Petey Semenick Jr. into these small clips. This one is pretty long in comparison to the previous ones, and it’s of the Manville auto garages. These films might be familiar, as I understand they used to be shown at Petey’s bar in Manville back in the day. There are more of these coming… stay tuned!

In for Repairs…


Old tobaco truck in for repairs at Migliores Garage • Click Photo to Enlarge

I got these service garage photos over at the Somerset County Historical Society. The one above appeared in an old Manville calendar with a caption, which is the only reason I can verify the place. Here are a couple more great old service photos… can anyone verify the locations?

The old Camel truck