Manville Family Shoe Store


Hey everyone, I spent the day today scanning tons of negatives from the Manville Silver Jubilee festival… Manville’s 25th birthday celebration. I’m only about a third of the way there on getting them all done (there are a lot) But here is this great photo of the Family Shoe Store car getting ready to ride in the Silver Jubilee parade in 1954. I just thought this was a super cool photo, with really cool hand painted type on the flag! You guys deserve a Tuesday afternoon post… Also, SHOES FIT FOR QUEENS! This photo was taken by Neal Ranauro and will expand a couple of times if you click on it. Thanks again to the Manville Library for sharing it’s tremendous archive!


1 thought on “Manville Family Shoe Store

  1. Hi Mike,

    Hope all is well.

    I wrote to a New Jersey Cold Case site and inquired about the murder of Sophie Olejnik. They were not aware of it and put it on their website. It’s the 3rd story.

    Also attached is the Manville News article about the investigation. See page 12.

    I saw Sophie at Sunday mass in Sacred Heart Church the day she was murdered.

    Please ask your readers if they have any info that might help solve this case.


    SavageWatch – New Jersey’s Cold Cases and Unsolved Crime New Jersey’s Cold Cases. Take a look and see if you can help solve a crime. Some of New Jersey’s most notorious and least known cases are featured. Some of the cases …

    Barbara Gunning


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